PWSZ in Piła has one dormitory and academic hotel, located at: 14 Żeromskiego Str. | 64-920 Piła | Poland

The dormitory has 198 places, available all year long (including holidays). The dormitory is adapted for disabled people. Every floor is equipped with a modern kitchen with fridge, and washing machine. There is also a power training gym and ping-pong table (for free), computer room and a learning room.

PWSZ in Piła offers incoming students the possibility to stay in our Student Dormitory for the period of their mobility. 1st, 2nd year students and Erasmus incoming students can choose to stay in 3 or 4 person rooms.

Prices for full time students:

  1. accommodation in a 3 person room – 290 PLN per month,
  2. accommodation in a 4 person room  – 260 PLN per month.

Please note that the Dormitory is:

  1. open for representatives of all ethnic groups;
  2. open for representatives of all religious beliefs/faiths;
  3. open for representatives of all sex orientations;
  4. open for representatives of all nationalities;
  5. open for students with disabilities.

The costs of a one night stay in the Dormitory vary between 40 and 60zł per day, depending on the room. Students from whole European Union owning a valid student ID card, coming for schort visits, will pay only 40zł per night. In case of organized groups there is a possibility to negotiate the price.

No student is treated less favorably than another on the grounds of gender, disability, race or ethnic origin, religion or belief, sexual orientation or age. Note that the Student Dormitory is uni-sex (you will find students of both sex living in the same dormitory, on the same floor). Boxes with multiple rooms can be organized so that there are only students of one sex.

Residents have the right to disagree with the the above mentioned policy, but have to note that it is unchangeable and acts of discrimination may result in immediate dismissal from the Student Dormitory and PWSZ in Piła.