Our Erasmus Students!



My name is Clarisa-Raluca Gligor, I am from Romania and as a Erasmus student I will express my opinion about Poland. Firstly, I can say that I chose Poland because I heard that it is a country that deserves to be seen especially in terms of history. Referring to the history of Poland I know that it was destroyed by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union during their invasion of Poland at the beginning of World War II. Millions of Polish citizens died during the occupation. The country’s geographic location was shifted to the west and it largely lost its traditional multi-ethnic character. By the late 1980s Solidarnosc, a Polish labors movement, became crucial in bringing about a peaceful transition from a communist state to the capitalist economic system and liberal parliamentary democracy. This process resulted in the creation of the modern Polish state in 1989 - 1991. Why we need to know the history? The answer is very simple: to not repeat it! Secondly, I would like to tell you about Pila because I live and work here. From day one I was impressed by the cleanliness of the city and its the green space. Truth be told I liked the local lakes a lot! Actually we go to the lake almost daily. And, to be honest, a country with hospitable people such as those in Poland is the perfect place to spend your holidays. Now, talking about the feeling of the first day of work I can say that I was impressed by the help I received from colleagues and of course the boss who is always taking care of us! After the first month I spent here, I can say strongly that I don’t want to go back home too soon. Why? Very simple: When you meet great people in the perfect place you want to spend as much time as possible with them. When I say great people I’m talking about the colleagues from the office and of course about the Erasmus students with whom I spend all day. In the morning we are going to the office and after we have many activities that do not allow us to get bored. Actually, these days we are planning to visit Auschwitz and Krakow. I’m anxious to see Auschwitz, to see traces of history with my own eyes. In conclusion, my advice for all Romanian students is to apply for Poland, especially Pila. Here you will meet wonderful people, wonderful places, a culture and a civilization like ours but in the same time so different than ours; here you will find a quiet but interesting place and if you are interested, in Poland you can find places where history still talks!



Just when i was thinking how in the world was i to see another countury, lern foreign culture, meet people and learn how diffrent people do things, the answer came to me with Erasmus programme introduction. I’m Tuğrahan BABA, a student of english language teaching department of Mehmet Akif ERSOY University in Turkey. As a student working with foreign linguistics, going abroad was important to me. The way i see it, Erasmus was a golden oppurtunity for me to see new places, meet new people, learn about foreign culture and languages and pick new professors’ brains about teaching techniques and ideas. As soon as i had my family’s support, i decided to sign up. To be honest there were a lot of counturies on the list but, what influenced my desicion was what my professor told me about his erasmus experience in Poland. He strongly recommended me to choose Poland over the others. That is why i took a closer look at the universities in Poland and asked my coordinator about each and every one. She recommended Piła PWSZ university because we had good relationships with them and there were a lot of recorded mobility between our universities. That is how i decided to go to and ended up in Piła. So far i really like it here except the weather and food. People are nice and open minded. The day I arrived to poland, i met a stranger by the name of Sacha on a train from Bydgoszcz to Piła. Him and his friend helped me to find the university and the dormitory. I was very surprised how hospitable and kind Polish people were, helping a stranger the way they did. My lecturers and coordinators turned out to be really cool people. I am very impressed by how much knowledge they posess and how well they adjust to every situation. I still have several months to spend here in Piła and all i can say about it is that i am looking forward to enjoying every hour and day, learning and enjoying foreign culture and lifestyles with Erasmus.



Hi! My name is Elmina Čokrlija and I am coming from Montenegro. I am studying Economy and Finance in Turkey so it is not the first time for me to go abroad, but it is definitely new and great experience!“Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things.” ‒ Flora Lewis This is the main reason why I decided to do Erasmus, I wanted to improve my English and to learn one more language (at least some of basic things). So I decided to go to Poland, country with interesting history and beautiful places to see. Also, Poland is located almost in the center of Europe so it is very easy to find cheap train or bus tickets to other countries. About Pila I can say that it is small but very peaceful city with beautiful nature and parks where you can have long walks with your friends or even go running.During the Erasmus I have met different people from different countries. Also I had a chance to try their food, to share my experiences with them… We became a family by the time and that is the most precious thing for me! Because, every human being that we meet in our life teaches us something new and helps us to improve ourselves or even helps us to become a better person. We are spending a lot of time together in the kitchen, because we have to make food for ourselves. So my recommendation for you is to learn to cook before you go to Erasmus, or you will HAVE TO learn it here. :)At the end I can say that Erasmus is a once in a lifetime opportunity, as this is one of the few moments in life when you're being offered the freedom to travel without being questioned about your reasons to do so and also be offered financial support. Also, Erasmus is much more than just studying abroad and discovering new people, it's about rediscovering a better version of yourself. So don’t think twice and go ahead, you won’t regret!



Hello ! My name is Daniel Badescu and I’m studying Finances and Banking at “1 Decembrie 1918” University of Alba Iulia, Romania. As a student, I have to say that there are more and more opportunities for studying abroad or having an internship in a company. And so I discovered the Erasmus program when our coordinator presented the advantages and everything about it. In less than a month I already prepared all the documents for studies .. in Piła, Poland. (later for practice also) I have to tell you that I had numerous options like Germany, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Italy and much more. So, maybe you will ask why Poland ? One reason is that it seemed to be sure that I will “do a great job” in Poland and I will accommodate really fast, due to the less cultural differences. Also there were many advantages such as the grant that I received, the people that I met, the language skills and so on. Since the beginning I felt really good among polish people, made new friends, participate in presentations, projects and events. I found that the city was impressive, in the way of cleanliness, the fact that is an “island” in the middle of the city, the large green spaces and the amazing smell of delicious pierogi. So, among the studies I discovered with Romanian and Turkish Erasmus the student life and the Polish way of living. I can’t forget the parties, the AquaPark, great nights in Bowling, great coffee in Atmosfera, Galeria Kasztanowa and what I will mention especially the K2 pizza. Within the program, we saw and visited a plenty of cities in Europe such as Berlin, Barcelona, Rome, Paris, Venice, Prague, Budapest but we travelled also in the most important corners of Poland: Krakow, Poznań, Warszawa, Wroclaw, Gdansk, Toruń, Bydgoszcz, Zakopane and, of course, Krzyż ! I love to see new places, to travel as much as possible and this was one of my chances. (also I climbed Rysy, went to Baltic Sea). I want to mention that I was a volunteer for Erasmus office, Student affairs office, Career office and also Promotion Office and that my colleagues and superiors became really fast my friends. PWSZ is a good and well-equipped university that you have to be proud of. In the end I just want to recommend going for studies and practice with Erasmus, not for travelling, studies or acquiring some experience. In my vision, Erasmus helps you find out who you are, what you are capable for and the truly magnificent experiences that you can live. For sure I will come to Piła again, I will meet my friends and enjoy Polish culture as every student should do.



My Erasmus experience in Pila…. well, I gotta say an ERASMUS experience is GREAT in any way. As for such an experience in Pila, taking into consideration that it is my second time here… well, you can pretty much guess that it is really AWESOME being a student here. First of all, it is nice being an Erasmus student, for all the new friends you get to make either from your country or from different ones. And with each new experience of its kind you add to this number: new faces, memorable events, great knowledge, lots of fun and unforgettable memories. Second of all, with each Erasmus experience I felt like I gained a new family, no matter the fact that I was in another country than mine. The kind of family where nationalities don’t matter, neither religions, nor the countries we come from. All that matters is to make new friends, new experiences, to have fun, to travel as much as possible, and OF COURSE to learn something from each of our Erasmus experiences, and to come back home, to our countries, every time, feeling richer in knowledge, experience, friends and memories. I enjoyed my Erasmus experience in Pila, both the times I’ve been here. First time I was here for the spring semester, then, in the same year I came back for the winter semester, because I knew I would like to see Poland once again. It is a beautiful country, for as much as I’ve seen of it. It is a colorful country when talking about the architecture of the cities. It is nice the way they combine the new with the old (the brick exteriors of the communist era with the really colorful ones). It is worth coming to Poland for Erasmus because it is a cheap experience which gives you so many opportunities to travel inside the country and outside of it. And it is quite fun that even if not so many people speak English here you can somehow manage to get your message across. Polish people are friendly people. And Pila is fun. To spend time, you can go clubbing, there are lots of restaurants to choose from, you can go play bowling, try Karts, go ice-skating, swimming (no matter that outside is snowing), sauna, even gyms if you are not too lazy, and even go shooting; I mean real shooting. But “don’t get your hopes up”, you can only shoot iron targets, not people. So to say, I truly recommend for each student to try, at least once, to take the chance of the Erasmus program (no matter studies or practice). It is an unforgettable and priceless experience.