With Erasmus+, training opportunities are available to staff working in education, both in teaching and non-teaching capacities. Training periods abroad can consist of job shadowing, observation periods, professional development courses or specific competence-building events. Erasmus+ supports training both at education institutions and at relevant organisations operating outside the sector. Opportunities to take part in professional development activities are available to staff working at all levels of education.

Erasmus+ supports training periods for staff working in higher education institutions. With Erasmus+, you can train at a higher education institution in an Erasmus+ Programme or Partner country. If you are working in a higher education institution in a Programme Country, you can also train at an organisation outside the sector in a Programme country. 

A training period between two Programme countries must last a minimum of 2 days and cannot last more than 2 months. This excludes travelling time.

A training period between a Programme country and a Partner country must last a minimum of 5 days and cannot last more than 2 months. This excludes travelling time.

To train abroad with Erasmus+, your higher education institution must either, in the cases of Programme countries, hold the Erasmus+ Charter for Higher Education or, in the case of Partner countries, have signed an inter-institutional agreement with the receiving institution.

Before beginning your training, you, your higher education institution and the receiving institution sign a Mobility Agreement. This document sets out your learning goals, rights and responsibilities and also how your training will be formally recognised.

How to apply to PUSS in Piła?

Every staff memebr in obliged to register in our database before arriving to Piła. Without registration the Acceptance Letter shall not be provided, as all the data is dowloaded from the database. Staff memebers who are not nominated by their Univeristies will not be accepted at PUSS in Piła, and their online registrations shall be deleted. Please pay attention to the data you write during the registration. Later the mistake will appear in your documents!

We do not send back confirmations that “your registration has been successfully uploaded”!

Before arriving to Piła or on the first day of the mobility, incoming staff is obliged to submit STA/STT Mobility Agreement. The document should be printed out and signed by both staff and sending institution. All the gaps should be filled in according to the rules of Erasmus+ Program Mobilities.

Activities such as: “campus tour, meeting staff members, drinking coffee”, etc. are inadvisable in the STA/STT Mobility Agreements.

Partially filled in, incorrect or sloppy documents shall not be signed by International Relations Office at PUSS in Piła. 

After the qualification process (online registration and sending documents), our Office prepares Acceptance Letters for all the incoming staff. The Letters shall be send directly to the International Relations Office of the sending institutions, not to the incoming staff. 

Please note that the qualification is a long process. Acceptance Letters will not be provided within one day from your online registration. Repeatendly sent e-mails, rushing our Department to sign Acceptance Letters, are inadvisable.

The Certificate of Attendance shall be submited and signed on the last day of the mobility.

Staff members coming to PUSS in Piła within Erasmus+ for Partner Countries will sign a financial agreement with PUSS in Piła after arriving to Piła. After signing the agreement on the first day of mobility, one of our team members will take the incoming staff to a bank to withdraw the Erasmus grant.

The Erasmus grant is provided in EUR.

All incoming staff is asked to bring a copy of passport or/and visa, medical insurrance policy and travel tickets, on the first day of mobility.