What is Erasmus+ Program?

Erasmus+ is the EU Programme in the fields of education, training, youth and sport for the period 2014-2020. Education, training, youth and sport can make a major contribution to help tackle socio-economic changes, the key challenges that Europe will be facing until the end of the decade and to support the implementation of the European policy agenda for growth, jobs, equity and social inclusion. Fighting high levels of unemployment – particularly among young people – is one of the most urgent tasks for European

The Erasmus+ Programme is designed to support Programme Countries’ efforts to efficiently use the potential of Europe’s talent and social assets in a lifelong learning perspective, linking support to formal, non-formal and informal learning throughout the education, training and youth fields. The Programme also enhances the opportunities for cooperation and mobility with Partner Countries, notably in the fields of higher education and youth.

Student mobility projects with Program Countries:

  • student mobilities for studies, for the period of 3 – 12 months;
  • student mobilities for placement, for the period of 2 – 12 months;
  • student mobilities for graduates, for the perios of time of 2 – 12 months.
  • having the time of your life;
  • meeting new people, even (as our former Erasmus students have shown – the love of your life);
  • seeing the culture of a host country, almost in every aspect ;
  • exploring at least one foreign country (naturally during your free time or during weekend 😉 );
  • seeing that you handle even the most difficult situation on your own!;
  • seeing that the world really is a global village, and whether studies abroad are much different from studies in Piła;
  • verifying the stereotypes – one can be truly surprised! 😉 ;
  • developing your language skills and learning a new one;
  • gain a competitive advantage over other students in job market.
Application step by step:

Every students in obliged to register in our database before arriving to Piła. Without registration the Acceptance Letter shall not be provided, as all the data is dowloaded from the database. Students who are not nominated by their Univeristies will not be accepted at PWSZ, and their online registrations shall be deleted. Please pay attention to the data you write during the registration. Later the mistake will appear on your documents!

We do not send back confirmations that “your registration has been successfully uploaded”!

After the qualification process (online registration and sending documents), our Office prepares Acceptance Letters for all the incoming students. The Letters shall be send directly to the International Relations Office of the sending institutions, not to the students. 

Please note that the qualification is a long process. Accpetance Letters will not be provided within one day from your online registration. 

After coming to Piła, all Erasmus students are obliged to bring to our International Relations Office:

  • passport
  • visa (if required)
  • insurrance policy
  • Learning Agreement (if it hasn’t been sent before) – signed by the student and sending institution.

All Erasmus students are automatically assigned to our Dormitory. There is no online registration/application form. The only formality is the student list posted in Facebook group. Students are obliged to write down their arrival dates before the mobility starts.

Please note:

  • students’ Facebook groups are created just before the new semester starts;
  • students are assigned for a room by the Dormitory Manager. Further changes are not accepted;
  • Erasmus students are assigned to 3 or 4 person rooms, depending on a number of students in the Dormitory.

Students can rent a flat from estate agency as well as from a private person. Prices vary between 150 EUR and 300 EUR – depending on the standard and size. Announcement on apartment rental are very often on bulletin boards in the campus.

The University does not search for or mediate between the students and the providers of private accommodation.



Before arriving to Piła, a student is responsible for sending a scan of signed Learning Agreement Before the Mobility to :

Ms. Magda Drzastwa

Poor quality scans shall not be accepted.

You should fill in all the necessary gaps including the data of the receiving institution. Should the data of the receiving institution belong to a different University than PWSZ in Piła, we will not analyze/correct/edit or sign the document, furthermore we will not inform you about this fact.

Due to the discipline of public finances, it is required that at least 3 participants have to registered for a course in order for it to be opened.

According to the domestic policy of PWSZ in Piła, preferable number of total ECTS credits for incoming students is 25.

After arrival to Piła, students have 1 month for Changes in their Learning Agreement. Further changes in the Learning Agreement shall not be accepted.

Changes made correctly require the signatures of all three parties (student, sending institution and receiving institution). Students are responsible for getting all three signatures, not the Erasmus Office! Without signatures, the document will be concidered as invalid.

Provided that you have brought us the complete grading sheet, we will prepare the documents within 4 weeks from your departure from Piła and send them directly to the International Relations Office at your University. By doing so we aim to avoid situation, when documents are being lost during transportation. Please note that we do not make any deviations from this rule.

In order to receive Certificate of Attendance, a student needs to have a complete set of documents in his folder:

  • a copy of passport
  • a copy of visa
  • a copy of insurance policy
  • LA Before the Mobility signed by all 3 parties.
  • LA During the Mobility (if any) signed by all 3 parties.
  • complete grading sheet

Students coming to PWSZ in Piła within Erasmus+ for Partner Countries will sign a financial agreement with PWSZ in Piła after arriving to Piła. After signing the agreement, one of our team members will take the students to a bank to withdraw the Erasmus grant and create a bank account.

The Erasmus grant is provided in EUR.

What if I want to stay longer in Piła?

First step is to be accepted by our University for the next semester. Later the procedure is practically the same as during the first registration:

  • Online Registration;
  • Acceptance Letter;
  • insurrance policy;
  • Learning Agreement.

Erasmus students are more than welcome to extend their mobilities in Piła!